From DIEHIPSTER’S Blog – Why Hipsters are Ruining America

Droppin' Knowledge:


This man nailed it. These people fetishize the “struggle” with retarded lazy activism and are completely useless in all other regards of life except for maybe as a punching bag. They have no idea that their obnoxious trends like eating organic kale, creating artisanal mayo, bee-keeping on a roof top and practicing taxidermy and drinking expensive craft beers made in some Williamsburg loft is out of the reach for real New Yorkers. Their attention whoring is just beyond belief and it’s acted out on a daily basis. Just ride the subway’s or walk into a Starbucks and you’ll see enough stupid shit to laugh for hours.

These beta males and the purposefully ugly, hyper feminist women that they role with ruin every single place they turn up at and create nothing of value. Though they they phonily march in protests supposedly representing lower class families and minorities, they at the same time push these same people right out of their homes and neighborhoods and relegate them to brand new ghetto’s that are even worse then the one they came from before the hipsters showed up.  They have no respect for anyone.  “I wanna practice bee-keeping on my roof, who cares if there is a little kid a floor below who is allergic to bees or something.”


What did we really expect though? They’re ultimately the effect of the pussification of America that seemed to have started around the late 1980s, right around the time where modern feminism began to swallow America.  Coincidence?   I’m embarrassed to be a part of the same generation, just like the OP of the blog. WHY CAN’T YOU LEAVE!!!  Just go to Portland or Seattle, at least those places were already lame before you.

Originally posted on DIEHIPSTER.COM:

Somebody who works in NYC politics contacted me to do a guest post about their view on hipsters and NYC politics. This person wishes to remain anonymous and writes under the name Bill Taylor. Here it is:


The Politics of Hipsters


 By Bill Taylor


As with everything, once hipsters lay some sort of claim to something, it inevitably gets worse. Politics is no different. As a young Brooklyn native, (Windsor Terrace specifically) who has spent my working existence in and around politics, I have seen this awfulness with my own two eyes. Whether it is through organizing at the community level, city and state government, and even teaching in the CUNY system. Once Hipsters are involved, it’s ruined.

What leads to hipsters ruining politics? Well I could probably write a very long list but I will limit it to two things. Firstly, they don’t actually care, despite…

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