9 Reasons to Not Date Girls in New York

Buzzfeed wouldn’t publish my academic masterpiece, but thank God for Facebook!

1) Being the largest city in the country and attracting the most eligible bachelors of the world,  women here are always playing the field knowing there is a hot, successful, playboy-stud right around the corner just waiting for them.  Many here are in relationships in which the only things that validates it are your Facebook relationship status and the fact that you’re still paying for everything. They’ll still give out their phone numbers anyways, even if you’re a near-perfect man!

Why the disloyalty once you’ve found a great guy?  Because the seemingly infinite number of top-tier men,  the feeling that your beauty will never fade and that at 35 you’ll still have the same quality options,  and the fact that American men aren’t shy like European men – means that they can get away with being extremely picky as many years will go by before she has to face any consequences.

These poor guys are glorified fuck buddies women kill time and boredom with. They’re all on a eternal quest for the perfect dude, which for most older women reminiscing on the past ended up turning out to be one, long extended ride on the cock carousel. A ride that only ended when desperation hit as the well of high quality options dried up. In most of the country this proverbial brick wall halts their dreams in their early to mid 30s, but in New York reality may not even hit a woman until her 40s as botox, plastic surgery and lounges where ballers post up at are all only a block away. Besides,  if Carrie Bradshaw can do it, then so can they!

What happens if it doesn’t work out though? They will hypocritically complain that men their age are immature pedophiles who are intimidated by an older woman! It baffles them that a top quality guy who has the ability to date beautiful younger women will usually prefer to enjoy the benefits of their hard work and do exactly that! Meanwhile these older guys were the exact guys they dated when THEY were young and beautiful!

2) Due to the before-mentioned abundance of top-tier men in NYC (and America in general),  they will never lower their standards to increase their chances of finding a good guy until their own value has plummeted so far down that they essentially have no other choice if they want to avoid spinsterhood and multiple cat ownership.

This fact alone keeps many good men away,  because while men are realistic by nature and realize statistically all of them can’t marry young and beautiful broads, they don’t want to feel like they were second-best and were only accepted by that woman due to her pickiness backfiring on her and having no other options. More and more guys are rightfully deciding that if they weren’t good enough when they were 25 year old struggling beta males then that woman doesn’t deserve them as a 40 year old newly successful alpha.

In other places around the world with less options, women adjust and realize they must be way less demanding if they want to find a nice guy to start a family with. In New York, you’re supposed to just put up with their crazy demands and if you can’t meet them or refuse to, then you’re not a real man and didn’t “deserve” her anyways. Never do the women blame their singleness on themselves and they only start taking action once their pussies, faces and skin shrivel and dry up like a piece of bacon. What high value man who could have any woman in the world would want that? Shit, you could call me a pedophile all day… as long as I get to come home to a beautiful 25 year old princess and not some old delusional hag.

3) The allure and diversity of New York City attracts the worst types of girls. Besides the normal amount of fat chicks that any city has, you’ll find thousands of gold diggers, neon-haired freaks, fake feminists and social justice warriors whose mission in life is to be offended, lame suburban girls armed with daddies credit cards, slutty college hoes, bitches who’ve watched too much Sex and the City, models and other hotties living off sugar daddies, hoodrats, workaholics with no personalities or sense of fun, annoying hipster girls who think they’re better then everyone… the list goes on. Basically every type of girl that a normal masculine man with options would never want to wife up can be found in abundance here.

It’s often very daunting trying to sift through the sea of shitty women to find a nice, young, pretty girl with a good personality who is in all purposes considered normal. Even when you do find said girl, the city is filled with so many quality men looking for the exact same thing that these girls must put up with crazy thirst and can therefore sometimes be unapproachable. There are some truly bad bitches in this city who are outright amazing, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder if it’s even worth it putting in all that work trying to find them and then trying to compete for them when you can land the same quality women much more easily in other countries and even regions of America.

4) There is good food fucking everywhere! This creates 3 negative traits in women. The first obviously being that they eat too much fatty shit, and often late at night after binge drinking – so they get fat. The second is that women here never cook and often don’t even need to learn how if they come from money and can afford to eat out every day. Not knowing how to cook is a severe problem if you’re trying to marry a good man and it makes you look lazy and immature. After all, cooking is an essential life skill that everyone should know. The third thing is that eating out every day is fucking expensive and so many New York girls who can’t afford it do it anyways. Between clothes and food, these fake foodie girls spend half their money and max out their credit cards just to eat at some overhyped shitty hipster fusion joint every night, mostly so they can take pictures of the food and gather attention on social media while bragging “I’ve been there!”

I can actually respect a girl more for being an attention whore with selfies or booty pics then being some fake foodie, as at least that takes skill to capture the right shots and is interesting to look at. Besides, the affordable chimmy trucks and authentic Asian food of Queens are way better then these shitty new places that open every week, but most girls in New York are either lame transplants or pussy suburbanites who would never venture further east then Williamsbushpointburg.

5) The sheer numbers of bars, clubs and lounges and the late closing hours means it’s a non-stop party every week for many women here. The alcohol flows all week and the amount of drugs the girls do in this city is just mind boggling. When thirsty guys are buying and daddies gentrification check just arrived in the mail, it’s time to get wild!

Go to any club or rave and more then half the girls are on molly, ketamine or coke. I have no problem with having a little fun here and there but the girls in this city are often spoiled or being sponsored some how by the people in their life and it just becomes a non-stop thing. Getting fucked up and partying all the time also leads to another reason most girls in NYC suck. These girls get so trashed and party so much that the number of one night stands and random trains/gangbangs that occur in their lives would make their grandmothers cry hysterically (or roll over in their grave depending if she’s no longer alive). Now all that might be okay if it wasn’t for the fact that when it comes to dating these girls tend to say they’re old-fashioned and want a nice guy. What a joke! Yeah, and I want an old-fashioned girl who doesn’t have a drug addiction and a higher notch count then most men.

It also makes cheating an extremely common thing. A girl will tell you she’s married and then hook up with you right afterwards, and it’s common for a girl to give out her number with her man right there. This is a city of 24/7 debauchery and the only way to ensure in the best way you can that you have a loyal girl is to make sure her friends aren’t party hoes (or are at least finished with that stage in their lives), and to not allow her to come home at 7am. It’s preferable to find a girl with very few single friends to minimize potential incidents.

6) It’s perfectly normal here to fuck dozens and dozens of guys and still label yourself a “good girl.” One night stands are the norm, and the mentality here amongst a woman and her girlfriends is that even though you do the same shit other girls do, they’re all the sluts and not you. Why? Because at least you wear condoms and don’t do gangbangs? It’s actually weird to meet a girl who is 21 and has been with less then ten guys.

Think about it, women these days fuck more men in five years then their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother have in combined lifetimes. Now I don’t care so much about a girls notch count, I focus more on the types of men she gets with to determine if she’s worthy of me or not, but these girls are talking about they want a nice, old-fashioned man who takes care of them and is chivalrous and successful?

Fine, but what do you have to offer him? The chance to be notch #53? A nice homecooked meal of Hot Pockets and Ramen? New York girls have absolutely zero of the positive traits their female ancestors had yet demand that a man be a relic of the past to deserve her. Luckily, most men aren’t that dumb and we know that the easiest girls to pump and dump are exactly the ones who make such outlandish demands.

7) STD rates are absolutely ridiculous in New York. The reason is that women don’t really care about condoms. Ask any guy who has been with a decent and diverse sample size of women. They will all say the same thing: 90% of women will just let you put it in raw, no questions asked. They won’t ask if you have a condom and they’ll certainly never have one on them. And I DARE you to pull out a female condom and try to convince a girl to put that goofy looking shit on! They would rather risk HIV then wear something that looks weird and funny. Strap up with New York girls or play Russian Roulette with your cock. They’re promiscuous, fuck shady characters, often experiment as semi-pros, practice unsafe sex, party for so long that they can occasionally be unhygenic, and many even do heroin and use needles.

8) They’re mean as shit. There’s a reason why gender ratios favor men in NYC and there are more single women then single men. Sex and the City, reality shows and other mindless drawl has told women that they can be complete asshole bitches and that it’s empowering! Gone are the days when you had to be a sweetheart to get a good guy. Nowadays guys will put up with a girl who is simply “sorta bitchy” because it’s the lesser of two evils. If you’re expecting or demanding to wife up a girl who is kind and feminine, you will be labeled as a patriarchal asshole who wants a slave for a wife and who just can’t handle a real woman.

Chicks will reject you with an uncalled-for harshness just to boost their own fragile ego and look cool in front of their friends. They will clown on guys who dare try to chat them up and treat every imperfect guy who tries to win their attention or get to know them as an annoying nuisance rather then a sweet gesture. The rule of thumb in New York is to be an asshole yourself. The more you ignore a woman and refuse to notice her, the more intriguing you will seem and the more she will find you mysterious and interesting. “Why isn’t he being thirsty like the other guys?”, she will cry out to herself. “He must have hotter girls in his life and doesn’t care about me.”

Yup. Hotter, nicer, sexier, sweeter, funnier, more feminine, more interesting, more nurturing, and rocks a much better style too. Deal with it.

9) There are regions of America and other countries such as Croatia or Poland with girls who are way sweeter and far more down to earth. Besides the fact that in a country like Croatia, 7/10 girls look like supermodels, they are also flattered when you approach them as they put so much effort into competing with the abundance of beautiful women in their country that being noticed at all is a huge deal. Guys in other countries also don’t approach girls, so run your game in a country like Croatia and the positive responses and constant indications of interest will have you feeling like the man. The level of quality even an average guy can obtain is unlimited. The women there simply want a nice, sweet guy who treats them well. Looks and status aren’t important to them, and having sick game isn’t required either. These women are the perfect balance between old-fashioned and modern. For a guy who has only dealt with New York girls, this feels like paradise.

So if you’re like me and currently can’t find a New York girl who can mimic the traits of a real woman, head down south and wife up a sweet Southern Belle who will certainly take care of you, or jump on the plane to a country like Croatia where even the average woman is hotter and better then most of the top-tier girls in NYC.